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About Us

Kosher Horizons was founded by Moishie Hersko, who has been leading kosher tours and expeditions to the world’s wild places for years. Moishie is a landscape and wildlife photographer, as well as a photography instructor. It was his love for photography and constant search for the next amazing location which gave rise to his unique kosher photography workshops across the world. In recent years however there have been a great many non-photographers eager to join these expeditions, so our trips are now aimed at anyone looking for an adventure – photography enthusiast or not. Of course, Moishie is available and willing to help everyone get the very best pictures on any trip, and we still offer occasional dedicated photography trips.

Our goal here at Kosher Horizons is to arrange expeditions to places on our planet where it is typically difficult, if not impossible, to travel as an observant Jew. We have a constantly-changing roster of exciting adventures, with more being added all the time. In the past few years alone, we’ve camped in negative-40° degree weather only a few hundred miles from the north pole, while keeping up a rotating polar bear watch all night. We’ve made a Siyum Mesechta in Antarctica with over 50 Yidden and thousands of penguins in attendance. We’ve traveled back in time in Cuba, watched the northern lights dance over the Arctic Ocean in Norway, swam in the Amazon, roasted marshmallows on the hot lava of an active volcano, and much, much more.

Our trips are all-inclusive, so you can concentrate on your experiences while leaving the details to us. We provide all the amazing kosher food you can eat, all lodging, airport transfers, activities, fees, transport, local guides, Shabbos arrangements… everything. We can even advise you on how to use your points and miles for your flights or which camera gear to bring – we’re here to do anything we can to make your trip more epic. And if you have a particular adventure in mind or want to arrange a family or work retreat, let us know and we’ll make it a reality.

Our trips have been featured in numerous Jewish media and publications, including Hamodia's Inyan Magazine, Ami Living, Moment Magazine (Yiddish) and many more.

Since many of our trips involve remote locations or extreme weather – and often both – safety is something we put a tremendous emphasis on. Whenever appropriate, we hire highly-trained local guides. We carry emergency equipment as appropriate for the expedition; from basics such as a first-aid kit and spare food and water, to things like avalanche probes, emergency bivvy kits, and even armed guards when necessary. In addition, Moishie is trained and certified in both BLS and Wilderness First Aid, and always carries an emergency satellite communicator and SOS beacon.

Have a look at our upcoming trips, and join us on a journey to your bucket list.

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